School of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering(WREE) originated from the Radioactive Hydrogeology Department, which was established in 1960. Currently, WREE consists of three departments, namely, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Department, Environmental Science and Engineering Department, and Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering Department. It has now developed into a comprehensive school with one doctoral program in Geological Resources and Engineering, 5 master programs in Water Conservancy Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Geological Resources and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Geological Engineering, and 4 bachelor programs in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, and Groundwater Science and Engineering. Two of these programs (Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, and Environmental Engineeringhave been granted as the first-class programs of Jiangxi Province. Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering is rated as a state-level discipline.


We have a team of 71 well-experienced lecturers and researchers supervising domestic and international students. Ten of the staffs are professors and one is titled as Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. The school has a number of innovative teaching and researching teams in Hydrology, Water Resources Sciences, and Uranium Exploration and Uranium Mineral Extraction, laying a solid academic foundation.

Students Cultivation

Aim at developing students into high-quality talents, abilities of practise, innovation, and self-study/culture are cultivated with solid theoretical knowledge and professional technology to meet the demands of the nuclear and civil industries. Students are required to master basic theoretical and practical skills in hydrology and water resources, environmental engineering, groundwater science and engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering. Their career options could be in scientific research, engineering design, construction and supervision in the fields of water conservancy, environmental engineering, municipal engineering and related fields, andnuclear resources and environment, as well as some other related fields.


We have a national Radioactive Geology Experimental Teaching Center, a national key laboratory, a provincial key laboratory, and a provincial engineering technology center in the field of nuclear resources and environment. The school has nine laboratories in Fundamentals of Hydrogeology, Hydrological and Engineering Geology Survey, Water Quality Analysis and Environmental Monitoring, etc. Besides on-campus facilities, bases for teaching practice and teaching- research of production, learning and research were also established all over the country.


Researchers of this school have undertaken about more than 60 research projects funded by different national organizations, including the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC),  the Bureau of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry in China, and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.Over the past five years, the school has obtained numerous scientific achievements such as scientific achievement awards, ten patents, seven academic monographs and has issued more than 200 international academic publications, 50 of which belong to SCI, EI and ISTP.

International Exchange

Internationalization promotes the development of our school, due to active engagements in the international educational collaborations with different  universities and institutions from America, Russia, Canada, Australia, and Chile. Takeing part in the academic cooperation organized by IAEA reinforces  international exchanges with universities and institutions outside China.


The school has so far cultivated over 10,000 qualified talents for the country. Students have achieved more than 300 awards in various fields, including the National Challenge Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the Mathematical Modeling Competition. As a member of Uranium Mineral Geology expert group in IAEA, the school has undertaken a certain number of training courses for nuclear geoscience experts from all around the world.   


Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Core courses: Fundamentals of Hydrogeology, Groundwater Dynamics, Hydrogeochemisty, Applied Hydrogeology, Environmental Hydrogeology, Fundamentals of Engineering Geology.

Environmental Engineering

Core courses: Environmental Engineering Microbiology, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Planning and Management, Water Pollution Control Engineering, Air Pollution Control Engineering, Treatment and Disposal of Solid Wastes.

Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Core courses: Microbiology for Water Treatment, Hydraulics, Pumps and Pumping Station, Water and Drainage Engineering of Building, Water and Drainage Pipe-networks System, Water Quality Engineering, Power Supply and Distribution of Building.