The school consists of departments of basic education in subjects such as Chinese, English, Mathematics,and Pre-school. We also have Department of College Basic Courses Teaching, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology Teaching, and a Experimental Training Center. With the goal of training teachers in basic education and the purpose of serving the needs of local education, we cultivate students with teacherseducational competence of high-level teachingand scientific research abilities. We offer masterand bachelor programs, as well as national-level and provincial-level quality improvement training programs for primary, secondary, and kindergarten teachers and school managers. At present, there are more than 300 postgraduate students and more than 1,100 undergraduate students studying in the school (as of 2019).


We have an experienced and high-level teaching and management group with nearly 100 faculty members, including 12 professors, 38 associate professors, and more than 30staff members with doctorate degrees. We value the development prospects of teachers, highlight team building and teamwork, and have been carrying out new teacher training programs for higher education institutions andtheJiangxi Education Department.

Talent Cultivation

We follow the “moral education first” principle, and highlight the all-round development education concept togive students asolid theoretical foundation, broad knowledge, a strong practical ability andsuperior comprehensive accomplishment. Our graduates canfind jobs in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, educational administration departments of the government, institutes of education and teaching, newspaper editorial departments, and higher education institutions.


Our college being national and provincial training bases for basic education, is the sub-units of several clubs, like Fuzhou Educational Club, Chinese Club, Mathematic Club, Physics Club and Association of Literary and Art Critics. Currently, we own Microgrid Training Room, Computer Room,College Physics Experimental Center, Language Labs, Piano Room, Sports Center, library and Mandarin test center. These facilities are valued at 42 million yuan. Moreover, we have established 32 practice and research bases of education and teaching in Fuzhou, Nanchang, and Yingtan.


In recent years, the school has undertaken about 50 research projects featured in drama art and aesthetics, theory and criticism of Chinese and Western novels, Linchuan historic celebrity culture, philosophy of education and basic education, curriculum theory and teaching design, research on computational mathematics and applied mathematics. These projects mostly have been funded by some well-known organizations: Social Science Foundation of China (SSFC), and Chinese Ministry of Education. We have achieved 10 scientific awards, while making great contribution to the local education, culture and social development.

International Exchange

We have actively engaged in international exchange by fostering research collaboration and exchange of our teachers with schools in America, Russia, Canada, and Australia, as well as inviting some noted experts and scholars home and abroad to lectures in our school. Annually, we recruit native English teachers to teach in our school. Moreover, we have successfully hosted some international conferences on Tang Xianzu, Lu Xiangshan, Wang Anshi, etc. In addition, some of our experienced teachers who have been teaching Chinese in Africa for five years are actively engaged in the establishment of the Confucius Institute at the University of Tribwen, Nepal. This has helped to popularize the Chinese language and culture around the world.  


Our school has gained great achievements in talent cultivation and local social service. As for talent cultivation, we have cultivated many prominent alumni who have made great contribution to the field of teaching and civil service. We also foster our students to perform excellently in a variety of national multi-disciplinary competitions. As for local social service, we have helped train more than2,600 local key teachers of basic education with the aid of national and provincial financial support.


Pre-school Education

Core Courses: Preschool Painting Education, Children's Music Theory and Solfeggio, Children's Dance and Creation, Production of Toys and Teaching Aids for Children, Kindergarten Environment Creation

Chinese Language and Literature

Core Courses:Modern Chinese Language, Ancient Chinese Language I, Ancient Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literary I, International Literature, Comparative Literature, Chinese Teaching Design and Case Analysis, Chinese Teaching Theory

English Education

Core Courses: Integrated English Course, Advanced English, Linguistics, English Teaching Theory, English Literature,

Mathematics Education

Core Courses: Probability Theory, Ordinary Differential Equation, Mathematics Teaching Theory