Our school originated from the Department of English in 1999 and became the School of Foreign Languages in 2005. The school consists of fourdepartments and one research center:Department of English, Department of Japanese, College English Teaching Division, Post-graduate English Teaching Divisionand Research Center for Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. At present, there are more than 500 undergraduates and over 70 postgraduates in our school. We havemade many rich achievements in teaching and scientific research. We have a National Excellent Online Open Course, calledA Glimpse of Chinese Culture (English Version) and a number of excellent provincial online courses. We have won many times’ first prizes of provincial teaching contests and micro-course contest, and have four provincial teaching and scientific research awards. We have created a number of “Golden Courses” for the massive open online courses ( MOOCs), one ofwhich, “A Glimpse of Chinese Culture " has been promoted on domestic and overseas platforms, with learners from 91different nations and regions.


We have a vibrant, experienced and motivated team with 81 staff members including 72 full-time teachers, among which threeare professors and 15 are staff members with doctorates. Werecruit more than 10 foreign teachers annually to teach here. We have theteaching, translation and research personnel in seven languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, German and Ukrainian.

Talent Cultivation

The school has been dedicated to talent cultivation, and has been insisting on developing colorful extracurricular activities such as the language skills competitions month and drama contest. Many of our students have achieved excellent results in many national and provincial interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, such as the “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduates Competition, China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competitionand China College Students“Internet Plus” Innovation Competition. Our graduates are mainly engaged in finding jobs in fields such as foreign trade, education, translation, civil service, and some of them continue to pursue advanced studies in well-known universities abroad or start their own businesses.


Our school is composed of 20 advanced multimedia classrooms, two self-access learning centers, one simultaneous interpreting laboratory, one digital audio broadcasting system, one international trade simulation lab and one cross-border e-commerce platform. All these facilitiesassist the students with on-campus training. We also have two libraries which boast a large volume of books in foreign language study. Moreover, our school has cooperated with many schools and enterprises, establishing more than 20 practice bases across the country in the fields of foreign trade and teaching practice.


In recent years, the school has undertaken about 70 national and provincialresearch projects featured in British & American literature, Japanese literature, applied linguistics, contrastive study of English and Chinese, and English language teaching. Based on these features, our teachers have achieved a lot of scientific achievements such as scientific achievements awards, 6 academic monographs andmore than 40 international academic papers publication, some of which are collected by SSCI,CSSCI,ISTP.

International Exchange

We have actively engaged in international communication by fostering faculties academic exchange in America andJapan, and recruiting English teachers to lecture in our school. Meanwhile, more than 30 students in our school have studied abroad or joined in 2+2, 3+1 exchange programs that means students studying in ECUT for two or three years and overseas universities for two or one year.


Our school focuses on language-based talent cultivation with 95% students passing English/Japanese language proficiency tests. For improving their innovative ability and overall quality, students actively take part in provincial and national competitions and achieve excellent rewards. Graduates have high reputations in the fields of foreign trade, education, translation, civil service, etc.



Core Courses: Comprehensive English II, Comprehensive English III, English Reading and Writing III, Comprehensive English IVAdvanced English I,Advanced English IIPreliminaryTranslation, Intermediate Interpreting, English Linguistics, British Literature


Core Courses: Advanced Japanese,An Introduction to Japanese Language, Social Welfare Science, History of Japanese Culture