International School combined with Office of International Exchange & Cooperation is a department functions as a management organization at ECUT.

International School coordinates two Joint-degree Programs with Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, namely, Bachelor of Engineering ( Honors ) in Software Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering ( Honors )in Mechanical Engineering. The programs extend cooperation into the areas of sports and culture, including Gaelic Football and Chinese-Irish culture interaction.

In addition, International School educates international students under doctoral degree programs, master degree programs and bachelor degree programs. There are presently 100 international students from African and Asian countries studying at ECUT, bringing cultural diversities. Every year ECUT will provide scholarship for top students for their excellent performance.

Our department also coordinates the international cooperation between ECUT and universities or institutions from worldwide, assisting scholars of ECUT to communicate with foreign experts and vice versa. Due to the effort from both sides, great achievements more international talents and institutions are welcomed to collaborate with ECUT.

East China University of Technology has a good cooperation with International Atomic Energy Association in Technical Cooperation Programs, conference participation and hosting, expert consultant, technician training and Coordinated Research Projects etc. For this, ECUT contributes a lot to the peaceful utilities of nuclear energy in the world.

Under our coordination, ECUT has established many education and research cooperation platforms, including mutual credit approval, student and staff exchange, joint researches, joint laboratory construction, and culture exchange etc. Based on the platforms, students and staff have more opportunities to study or research in the partner universities or institutes.

We have presently around 100 international students studying on the campus under the doctoral degree programs, master programs, and bachelor programs etc. More students will join us, making the campus international diversities.

The International School and Office of International Exchange & Cooperation will definitely internationalize ECUT!