Higher Vocational and Technical Education Schoolestablished in 1999has developed into a comprehensive vocational school, paying particular attention to the development of students practical abilities and skills with the educational resource facilities in East China University of Technology. The cooperation with companies and enterprises make the school good at cultivatingthe studentspractical skills. For example, the joint cooperation with the Chinese Navy gives students practical skills in the field. Currently, we operate one major, teaching about 1,000 students on campus. Our students have won many prizes in practical orientation contests, making them very popular with private enterprises.

The school policies encourage students to develop practical skills and continue with higher education. In accordance with the requirements of the Education Ministry, the school has established a “Dual Certificates system, which means that besides the associate degree, students are encouraged to get a relevant vocational qualification certificate. After training and passing exams in Pedagogy, Psychology, and Mandarin, some students are offeredTeacher’s Qualification Certificates. Students can be granted a Junior Accounting Certificate if they pass accounting examinations. Many excellent students applyfortransfer to a bachelor program. There are also various scholarship opportunities for students.

At present, we are facing the new opportunities for development. We will construct a college with a reasonable professional structure, distinct characteristics, orderly management, and advanced technical means to the market demands. These characteristics will improve students employment competitiveness.