Our schoolwhich originated from the Department of Art founded in 1992, consists of Department of Visual Communication, Department of Environment Design, Department of Music and Dance, Art Research Center, and Exhibition Center. We offer fourmaster programs in Fine Art Education, Music Education, Drama and Opera Art, and Urban Planning, and offer sixbachelor programs in Visual Communication Design (Direction of Digital Media), Environmental Art Design, Product Design, Musicology, Dance, and Music Performance.


We have a professional and innovative faculty with 71 members. Besides teaching and lecturing, our faculty are actively serving the industrial and regional social economic development by taking active roles in some important Cultural and Art Activities, projects, government events, trade associations and relevant enterprises.

Talent Cultivation

In order to cultivate the innovative and entrepreneurial art talents with asolid foundation of humanities, arts and social sciences, we adhere to the concept of multi-development, strong foundation, emphasis on practice and application, emphasizing on the cultivation of innovative and creative ability, and the close integration of teaching and practice. We cultivate students to master their professional skills in design, operation, aesthetic appreciation, sculpture, and performance by applying their basic theoretical knowledge and methods to solve problems in the professional field. We have the tradition of cooperation with the arts and culture industry to established practice platforms for students’ innovative and practical ability cultivation. We have established many practical teaching bases of practice, learning and research to promote the mode reform and quality improvement of our talents cultivation.


Our school has two well-equipped art buildings, including a College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Teaching Base, a Computer Graphic Design Lab, Three-Dimensional Computer Design Lab, Model Room, Photography Studio, Art Design Room, Studio, Painting Room, Exhibition Room, Concert Hall, Rehearsal Hall, Dance Rooms, Piano Rooms, Multi-Media Classrooms, Display Room and Specialty Reference Room. Moreover, we have established more than 30 teaching practice and employment bases in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.


Our teachers have published more than 500 papers and works, 42 research monographs and textbooks, and have undertaken more than 80 national, ministerial and provincial research projects. Additionally, our teachers have achieved more than 100 scientific awards, been granted about 30 national patents, and have taken charge of decoration works and mural painting in Tengwang Pavilion, and Longevity Palace.

International Exchange

We have actively engaged in the international exchange by fostering research collaboration and exchange of our teachers in America, South Korea, and Belarus as well as inviting some noted experts and scholars from home and abroad to lecture in our school.


Our school emphasizes the development of studentscreative spirit and practical ability, by guiding them to achieve excellence in different national competitions of multi-disciplinary areas. In addition, our school actively takes part in national and provincial training programs for serving art and culture education to the local residents. The musical play Tang Xianzu, performed by the students and lecturers in our school, was selected as the excellent one that performed on campuses of Jiangxi province in 2018. Moreover, the musical play Tang Xianzu and the classical singings of Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare won the great success at the Fuzhou Tang Xianzu Art Festival.  


Environmental Design

Core CoursesDesign Sketch,Interior Display and Design,Chinese and Foreign Architectural History, Hand Drawing Design Techniques, Material Composition, Landscape Art Design

Visual Communication Design

Core Courses: Design Composition, Computer Graphic Design, Commercial Illustration, Logo Design,Advertising Photography, Webpage Design,Interactive Design, Flash Animation Design, Book Design

Product Design

Core CoursesModel Making and Techniques, Product Design Procedures and Methodology, Molding Material and Technology of Products, Product Thematic Design, Product Innovative Design, Hand-painted Representation of Jewelry


Core CoursesVocal Music performance, Instrumental Music, Piano, Sight-singing and Ear Training, Basic Music Theory,Foreign Music History and Appreciation, Chorus and Master