The School of Geophysics and Measurement-control Technology(GMCT), originating from the Department of Geophysical Prospecting in 1956, is the only cultivation base for radioactive geophysical prospecting professionals in China. Currently, it has three departments(Department of Solid Geophysics, Department of applied Geophysics and Department of Measurement-control Technology), one Experimental Teaching Center, and three scientific research institutions (Institute of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Institute of Marine Geophysics, and Institute of Testing and Measurement Technology and Instruments). It offers a doctoral program in Geological Resources and Engineering (specialized in Uranium Resources Prospecting Methods and Technology), fourmaster programs in Geophysics, Geological Resources and Engineering (specialized in Earth Prospecting and Information Technology), Geological Engineering (specialized in Geophysics), and Instrumentation Engineering, and threebachelor programs in Geophysics,Measurement and -control Technology and Instruments, as well as Prospecting Technology and Engineering in which the department has gotten the International Engineering Education Certification in 2017.


Our school has a staff of 69 excellent researchers and instructors including twelve professorsand seven doctoral supervisors. We have an innovative teaching group for Nuclear Power Security and Radiation Monitoring Technology and Instruments which has beenawarded as the National Huang Danian Teaching Group. We also have an innovative group for Radioactive Geophysical Prospecting Research which has beenentitled as the High-level Innovative Science and Technology Talents Training Project of Ministry of Natural Resources.

Talent Cultivation

We are committed to cultivating practical, innovative, and employable students with solid theoretical professional backgrounds and a wide range of knowledge to meet the career demands of society. We focus on the students’ involvement in teachers’ research projects as a feature of talent cultivation. Based on this, most students actively take part in different kinds of practical work every year including field trips and extracurricular scientific activities.

Graduates in the fields of national defense, land and resources, and nuclear industry, work within and across the disciplines and play their roles in the process of geophysics development in China.


We have one national key laboratory and one national experimental teaching demonstration center. Moreover, we own a 3000 m2 experimental center with more than 370,000,000 Yuan worth of assets of advanced facilities including Fangli Geophysics Laboratory, NO. 2781 scientific vessel, and Geophysical Supercomputing Center. In addition, we also established more than 10 teaching practice bases all over the country, in cities such as Beijing and Hangzhou.


Our school has undertaken some important national scientific research projects funded by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Bureau of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry in China, and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. We have been awarded seventeen national and provincial research achievements.

International Exchange

We have actively engaged in international exchange by fostering research collaboration and exchange of our teachers in America, France, and Canada, as well as inviting some noted experts and scholars from home and abroad to lecture in our school.