Welcome to ECUT, here are the application procedure for your reference. 

Applications to IAEA program could be sent to lzhou@ecut.edu.cn. Don’t need to deliver any paper material.  

Step1: Submit application materials

1)  ECUT Application Form for International Students with personal signature.
Application Form for International Students.doc

2) A copy of the passport information page.
3)  Notarized highest diploma and official transcript.

4) Recommendation letters from two professors and your study plan(for postgraduate and doctoral program).

5) Foreigner physical examination form (photocopy) and copies of blood test reports.
(Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule as the result is valid for only 6 months).
6) No criminal record certificate. (Written in Chinese or English).
7) Financial support statement.
(Required for the self-supported applicants. The supporter’s work or income certificate and ID information. The financial ability can cover the students’ life and study in china).
Certificates which can prove the applicant's academic ability and comprehensive quality, can be submitted with above documents together.

Applications to IAEA Programs should log to the website below and register:


When you meet any questions during the application, please contact us:

Contact: Ms. ZHOU Ling 

Email: lzhou@ecut.edu.cn 


Looking forward your application and meeting you in ECUT.