Based on the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2009 and the support from ECUT, our center was constructed in 2010 and passed the inspection by the Ministry of Education in 2019. Through construction over the years, we have carried out a wide range of technological research, the small-scale & pilot-scale production, and the promotion of instrument products in the fields of nuclear resources and environmental engineering, nuclear information processing and nuclear instruments, and radiometry and protection. We have played the role of an open platform for innovation and engineering of nuclear technology application, becoming the base for the transformation of scientific & technological achievements in this field. We also have a cultivation center for innovative talents.

Research Focus

We have carried out a series of research and development projects in the following three fields:

1. Nuclear Resources and Environmental Engineering

According to the needs of the sustainable development of nuclear energy and environmental protection in China, and the efficient utilization of low-grade and complex hard-processing resources, we have built the natural γ field calculation system for uranium mineral survey and prospecting, complemented theories on field strength superposition, field source exchange, and medium interchange. We have also conducted research on the deep exploration technology of different levels, depths and methods combined with the forward modeling and inversion method of modern geophysics to improve prospecting accuracy and resolution of deep ore-hosting and ore-controlling structures, which pointed out the direction for deep uranium resources prospecting. In order to improve uranium concentration in leaching solution and economic benefit of uranium leaching, we have conducted the research on uranium resource processing and metallurgy technology and put forward the in-situ leaching technology of uranium with desalination and fewer reagents under high salinity condition. In order to control and protect the environment while exploiting the radioactive resources such as uranium and thorium, we have studied radiation environmental pollution behavior of uranium mines based on exploring physical and chemical characteristics of uranium minerals and put forward the theory and method of radioactive pollution control and environmental remediation to effectively control the radioactive environmental pollution caused by uranium resource exploitation.

2. Nuclear Information Processing and Nuclear Instruments

For the sake of industrialization of high technology in civil nuclear technology application, we have conducted the theoretical research on energy spectrum interpretation and spectrum stripping technology and rapid detection method of artificial radioactivity. Based on theoretical research and combined with electronic information technology, we have carried out the pilot production of a series of instruments and devices for radial detection including Ion Spraying Radon Meter, Multifunctional Radon Chamber, Portable Radon Detector, γ Spectrometer, Portable High Sensitivity X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer, and Channel Vehicle Radioactivity Detection System, and studied feasible technologies and equipment selection for industrialization to provide mature engineering technology for industrialization and promotion of a series of products.

3.Radiometric Measurement and Protection Safety

Based on experimental study and law research of the migration of radon and radon progeny, we have studied the dynamic stabilization technology of radon concentration and the accurate concentration measurement method of radon and radon progeny. We have also developed the multi-functional standard radon chamber with the automatic control of radon concentration, temperature and humidity control, and aerosol generation & collection. Moreover, we have established the engineering research platform of verification & calibration device for radon measuring instrument and radioactive aerosol detection and experiments of radon progeny, and studied radon and its progeny’ behavior and control. In order to provide scientific basis for the determination of geological disposal sites of high radioactive waste in China, we have studied the pre-selected site and stability evaluation of high-level radioactive waste disposal repositories in China in terms of protection and safety. We have also studied the existence form, migration mechanism and migration model of radionuclide in groundwater. Aiming at the particularity of radioactive waste disposal and the long-term nature of time scale, we have researched basic theory and method of nuclide migration and other solute migration in geotechnical media, and established the nuclide migration model for fractured rock mass based on random variation of fracture parameters. Moreover, we have conducted research on the safety evaluation method and index system of high-level radioactive waste geological disposal system.

Facilities and Staff

Our center possesses good experimental conditions and scientific research working environment with an area of 9,116.18 m2. The center now has six research platforms: Radioactive Exploration Laboratory, Radon and Its Progeny Measurement and Radiation Protection Laboratory, Small Neutron Accelerator Laboratory, Research and Development Workshop of Nuclear Radiation Detector, Hardware Development Workshop of Nuclear Instruments and Software Development Workshop of Nuclear Instruments. The six platforms are equipped with a set of large-size, high-grade equipment for radioactive exploration model, radioactive detection equipment, experimental radioactive sources and devices, and instrument development, which is valued at over 80 million Yuan.

At present, we have an innovative research team which has been granted several honors nationally and provincially in teaching and scientific innovation. We now have 73 researchers, among which 44 are professors, and 23 have PhD degrees.

Scientific Achievements

Based on the key disciplines of ECUT, our center has made a series of scientific achievements, meeting the national development demands and the needs of our university and discipline. Recently, we have undertaken 55 national research projects sponsored by well-known organizations. Moreover, we have made a lot of scientific achievements such as six national or provincial scientific awards, 26 national invention patents, 31 patents for utility models, 25 software copyrights, 23 monographs or textbooks, over 300 academic papers, 117 of which were indexed by SCI and EI.

We cultivated a group of scientific innovative talents and management talents in the field of Nuclear Technology Application. Over 220 postgraduates in Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Technology, Measurement and Control Technology have been studied in our center. In cooperation with Industrialization Base, our center has constructed a provincial postgraduate cultivation platform which combines industry, learning, and research, the Jiangxi Innovation Base of Postgraduate Education in Nuclear Technology Application.

International Exchange

In line with the spirit of the Belt and Road Initiative, our center actively engages in international exchange by carrying out Radioactive Energy Spectrum Logging in Hushan Mine of Namibia cooperating with China Guangzhou Nuclear Group Uranium Industry Company, which is mainly in charge of research and development of mine energy spectrum logging method and instrument.